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Destination America's "Exorcism: Live" - Mixed Emotions

Happy Halloween and a blessed Samhain my friends!

As I dig into a little advertising work today (yes, I work on, I glance at the worlds trends as I do every day when I first get to my desk. And today it seems that yesterday's Exorcism: Live! broadcast on Destination America‚Äč has the world talking.

I did not watch the entire program, but I did have it on while I was at my desk working last evening and I have to say that I very much expected the heavily mixed reviews today... Most on the negative side... And my personal feelings about the broadcast (or even the idea of attempting to do so) are just like the reviews today... Very mixed and leaning more towards a bad idea overall.

Production reviews are very negative. This was to be expected, as in my experience in the paranormal (and also in entertainment), if you are doing a 2 hour live broadcast in regards to anything paranormal (that is honest / not staged) and expect anything extremely dramatic to happen during that time, you are always going to be let down. Most paranormal evidence you see on TV or in the media (that is true) is selected and cut from hundreds of hours of stockpiled footage & audio. This simple bit of common sense will tell you that most will be disappointed at the outcome of this broadcast, as most average joe's sitting at home watching this programming are expecting to see "crazy stuff" screaming and flying off the walls like major motion pictures would do. Also on the production side, and one of the biggest complaints I have read thus far (and one I agree with 100%) is that the programmings was overwhelming covered in commercial advertisements... That alone completely killed any chance of viewers having a chance to really grasp what is going on, because the moment you start to get curious and interested you were thrown into commercial and upon returning to the broadcast, everything was different.

On the more positive side, I have to lend my respect and personal thanks to the individuals involved as well as producers for not allowing this to turn into a series of staged false effects. I know several of the individuals involved in this event on a personal level and respect them for taking a chance with this production on both a spiritual and professional level. One falsehood on anyone's part could sabatash the credibility of everyone involved. Everyone already takes a professional risk by simply committing to this program knowing the mixed reactions that will follow. And I mostly commend them for putting themselves in a position that is seen as extremely dangerous on a spiritual scale. I myself would not have ever agreed to be part of this production. I am thankful to hear that everyone is doing ok and I do hope that everyone continues to be ok.

In the end, more than anything, I am just glad that everyone is ok. It wasn't TV that I was very excited about, but more so curious about public backlash towards individuals that I very much respect. I was happy to see nothing overly dramatic happen rather than the alternative, for which can be extremely dangerous. To my friends and colleagues involved in this event, please continue to surround yourself with positive energy and protection in whatever form you believe in and works best for you. Regards ~ W

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