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Blog posts December 2013

Incorporeal Teaser Trailer Released!

Hello my faithful followers! A little post holiday treat that may or may not make you loose your stomach... Check out the newly released trailer for Faux Pas Films latest nightmare Incorporeal! I made a fun cameo in this film, you won't want to miss it!

A tale of an overzealous movie director and h…

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Happy Holidays From Willy Adkins!

I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy holiday season!  For me it isn't a religious time, but more so a time of year to stop and reflect on family, friends and the good things we do have in life.  This is also a time of year I think very often about the not so good things in life.  So, with my …

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BLOG: One of the many challenges of an Indie Director

One major challenge for an Indie Director is several people involved in a project wanting to push their own vision... I embrace the ideas, and very often implement them... But in the end, it is my call & vision as director that needs to be translated to film... And the hard part is how angered some …

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