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"Immortal Vengence" The Chronicles of Mr. Willy - Teaser Trailer Released!

"Immortal Vengeance"

The Chronicles of Mr. Willy

That is the working title for what is to be the very first film to feature the character known as "Mr. Willy".  The film is being written by Willy Adkins himself.   Willy tells us that, "while the film is fiction, several scenes will be based on real life events".  He goes on to say, "The story is about a normal guy turned dark after going insane fallowing repeat episodes of heartbreak."

The teaser trailer above was an amazing accomplishment.  Filmmaker friend of Willy's, Deann Baker shot and edited the teaser trailer from her Chicago apartment!  That wasn't the amazing part however, The trailer was shown to a live audience at The 2010 Chicago Horror Film Festival less then 48 hours after filming began!  "Deann did an absolutely amazing job with such a short turn around.  It is my complete intentions to work with her on this project, as I know she puts her all into everything she does", Willy happily expressed.  "I have a few other projects in the works that I will be working on first, but its my goal to have Immortal Vengeance premier in fall of 2012".

Immortal Vengeance is being produced by Willy Adkins of Spook Show Entertainment.

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